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The matatu culture in Kenya as we know it is rowdy and untamed. The loud music, graffiti and inside art is disturbing to the older generation but to the young adults the hype in them makes their days. Though most are reluctant to agree plain truth is nganyas are our culture. Others even say its part of tourist attraction due to its uniqueness worldwide. With attempts to better the image they portray Raquel Wachira founder and CEO Heels and Wheels Africa dedicated her career to show their true beauty.

Once a professional model in 2013 and a graduate from Jomo Kenyatta University. Raquel worked as brand ambassador for Amo la moda and as secretary to Kizumini ministry for charity. Before realising her dream and actualizing it. On 10th April 2016 she had her first photo-shoot. Her signature red outfit to complement the ride got her the attention she need. Many at first thought it was photo shop but to their amazement confirmation from Churchill left their mouths agape.

From searching for clientele became a little bit easier. At first finding matatu owners who understood her drive or even giving her a chance to show what she was bringing to the table was difficult but with time people started to embrace her. Pushing to get recognition and ensuring her purpose was being understood was the greatest challenge. She had seen a gap that needed to be filled, and she intended to do just that. Putting passion in it combining it with her talent turned into a career was just the right recipe to ensure success eventually.

She does not only aim for the cars but also for the people inside, during valentines she dedicated her day to making matatu drivers, conductors and even passengers fill special. From Kasarani stage down to Rongai and later Kitengela stage; cupid dressed as an airhostess brought love to the matatu industry. Sharing roses and taking pictures with the crus brought joy to the people and to Raquel herself.

Attending motor show is also a strategy she has implemented showing love to the diverse makes of auto mobile. From PSV to personal cars and even motorbikes, She does not play favourites for to her the all need a beautiful recognition and in what other way than heel and wheel model on the case.

Heels and Wheels Africa is also a training company they recruit and train their models before exposing them to the industry. With an ID and zeal to work with them you can register for their two months course and graduate with a certificate for only 8000ksh. They are a team of 10 in the meantime with others yet to graduate but for clients don’t be discouraged by the number in case your event requires ore ladies Raquel is we connected and outsources the  very best to cater for the clients’ needs.

With intentions to satisfy her clients she pride in under promising but always over delivering.

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