Wedding Bells Ltd

Is it time; did he finally ask and did you say yes or vice versa? When the wedding bells are heard there are various things that have to be arranged, planed, fit and sometimes imported before the beautiful moment when we all come together and say I DO. That is where we come in.

Wedding bells is a shop located in town which deals with everything bridal. From the gowns, the suit to the bridal party and the very cute pageboy and flower girl outfits. With us you will find your new bestfriends and amaizing energy specifically channelled towards you so as to meet you’re every requirements

having the advantage of most people going digital, mst designs can be found onlie. Not  to worry though if the design you like is from outside country since they major with imported dresses.  Having an experienced accmplace during your search is most important. With knowledge of the fabric and everything about the gown they re able to advice on what to expect from what you desire by showing you a few examples of what they have I the store.

It gets better as they also hire the gowns and bridal party dresses at half the price. Though its deficult to hire for men, the blaxers are available for hire 2 but when it comes to trousers it gets harder due to the difference in length.

They also offer other services through partnership with other companies. This include the cake, flwer arrangement and sound.

Incase you want the whole package be sure your in good hand when it comes to budgeting and planning of the weeding. Being adviced by a finance degree holder  who gives all options in order for you to stay on your budget and maybe  save a little.

A few tips she gave on the planning;

Hire the gown and bridal dresses.

High a classy but cheaper motor cade.. eg Toyota.

Use of dummy cakes and un undecorated cake to share to the guests.

Use of one venue, eg the church or garden wedding

Use of nice psvs or matatus for transportation of the family, saves on time 2

Though starting was a great challenge she did nt give up. Chasing her dreams through countless losses and challenging times. Where imported dresses wwere not that known to having enormous competitors, she was able to reak through due to her hardwrk and quality products.

To those thinking of starting your own businesses don’t be afraid with passion, courage and determination anyting is ssible just trust the mature to do its magic. She is proof.

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