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Remember back in primary and high school, the musicians who would entertain you with their new lyrics and amazing voices during break or PE. Where did they go or what happened to their amazing talents. Here’s a story of one of those boys. Msita contemporary gospel artist.
Back in 2003 at Ngei primary school Langata , a boy sang one of his songs during parade and moved the whole school with his massage. With everyone cheering and the principal tearing, the boys class teacher so this opportunity to advice his young student. Asking about his singing she pointed out his gift and talent was in music and encouraged him to continue nurturing his God given ability. And Msita stared his journey
Moving on to high school he continued with his singing. Joining the Christian Union and serving in music he got time to practise his vocals and also improve his singing. Having the students sing his songs during the service was part of his achievements during these years. (TMSSS) THE MAGESTING SOUL SONG SINGER was one of the names he was given by his fellow students.
After High school trying to find his way in music, through Facebook he began engaging with Helen mtawale who was a member of Afrizo in Dayster University. After an encounter at church she invited him to one of their Tuesday music classes at daystar. On that Tuesday afternoon he was challenged to freestyle immediately he walked through the door and to his amazement they liked it. From 2011 – 2014 Msita learned from Helen and also joined the Afrizo Band. Attending shows with them gave him the exposure he needed and also enabled him to build his craft.
In2010 at Kisumu, going on with his normal chores at home, Msita sported a guitarist who used to pass by his place. He decided to approach him and Zack agreed to meet up with him and make some music. With the desire to have a weeding and to impress his future wife he felt the urge to write a love song that others would enjoy on their special day to. They free styled on record the song a weeding day. Being spotted by grandpa on a talent competition the weeding song managed to appear number one among the 200 competitors. Back in 2012 Dr Eddie of dream land music entertainment produced the song and gave it life. Being invited to Turkey and the USA to perform it, gave him a few fans who acknowledged him mostly in social media.
Recording some of his song with some major producers including Tedy B, studio 15 and lamstak . Associating with major bands like kelele takatifu and also working with Ruth Matete while in Afrizo. He also ministered with Gospel Artists Diaspora; a group of musicians from different continents. From this he managed to interact with the famous Ester Wahome who actually recognised his song a weeding day after hearing his name. Just to mention a few of the big names he has rubbed shoulders with.
Towards the end of 2014 Msita decided to major on his own music and reduce working as an Afriza. He found this part of his journey particularly very challenging. As much as he tried to push his songs gaining recognition was proving to be difficult.
From being a victim of wanting cheap things and shooting videos for as low as 1000 bob he learned the need of quality music and a painful lesson of cheap is expensive. From here on he decided to do things the best way money let him. But as always cash is scares for most and hence difficult to do as much as he wished.
Msita also thought of the benefits of knowing people. He tried this strategy with some people he knew in the industry. Asking for collaborations to act as a stepping stone but none came to his aid. They went as far as going silent and living him to search for other ways. One ‘who will not mention names’ refused even to meet up with him asking him to live his music at a music shop which she would later pick. But even she after some time gave him the silent treatment.
11 years in music, trying and failing. Having 2 albums to show but only a few of the songs are known by a small group of his social media followers and still not enough to get him the recognition he deserves. Living things to the hands of the almighty to take control is his only hope right now.
His journey has been a great challenge but also a learning experience. He wishes to be of help to other upcoming artists now and when he gets the recognition he desires. Though the industry has been unkind he doesn’t lose hope and still writes his songs frequently as he awaits his glorious days to come.

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