Hennessis hotel


As beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the quality of a restaurant is in the experience of the diner. Today we are featuring the Hennessis hotel located along Limuru road, opposite Jamuhuri High school next to steven plaza. It is approximately 2 km from the Nairobi CBD. The hotel was founded in 2010 and has managed to grow. Though there are many competitors, Hennessis has emerged among the very best from their outstanding food, services and accommodation.
The hotels culture is very welcoming. The customer service is amazing. They are interested in understanding what the customer needs and providing. They go as far as escorting patrons to their table and holding the chair for the women, this will surely make you feel special. The staffs are well informed and are able to explain the menu without notes. They are also able to recommend ways to enjoy the food e.g. by advising on the wine to accompany the food choice
The chef is well versed with current food trends both locally and internationally. By using locally found ingredients to make sizzling and unique foods. The food presentation is top notch as Kenyans believe we first eat with our eye. Commonly known as ‘kula kwa macho.’
The theme of the restaurant is hip and trendy with a touch of musical. Providing the customers with a choice of inside or outside dine. On the outside a beautiful fountain complimented by the tranquil warm environment makes each moment feel extra special for the dinner.
The bar is well stocked with top shelf liquor both locally and internationally. With amusic-is-passion mixologist who make each drink uniquely for every customer. It is spacious with enough room to get down with friends and also just a quiet evening staring at the stars while sipping your drink.
Hennessis provides you with different types of room all with a different price range to suite your taste and budget. This includes a single, double, superior and twin size. All have been made to feel special for the customer. From a queen size bed, to a plasma TV and a fully stocked fridge in every room. Rooms can also be customized to the customers need, from rose petals to beautifully handmade designs for that special evening with your love one.music-is-passion
When entering the coffee shop the amazing aroma of freshly brewed coffee, baked cakes and croissants welcomes you. A great reception from the staff as they make breakfast to your liking sets you of for a great day ahead.
The hygiene of the restaurant is to be admired. Truly it is a place you can call home away from home.

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