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My name is Danson I started Danco limited in 2013 after working at Gimco limited for 7 years as senior valuer and head of sales and agency.

Danco Limited is a Kenyan based professional real estate consultancy firm providing integrated real estate consultancy services. With continuously changing real estate needs, there is need for well-rounded professionals to offer real estate consultancy and advisory services. Danco understands the difference between price and value and believes that value is inbuilt, has character, regenerates, overshadows price and that it is a process and not an event.

We endeavor provide required services and information to clients that leaves them satisfied and ready to boldly take their real estate decisions. The wealth of experience we have both locally and internationally gives us confidence to take challenges on behalf of our esteemed clients.

Danco‘s professionals are unified by a collaborative culture that fosters integrity, outstanding values to clients and public. The professionals are dedicated to strengthening corporate responsibility, building public trust and making impact in the community;

All services are personalized and are provided by individual experts in the company who are trained to handle specialized duties to the benefit of our clients. Danco’s Services have been designed with client in mind; customer oriented and meant to put their needs first.

The services we provide include:-

  1. Property valuation services in Eastern Africa
  2. Estate agency for properties in Kenya and Dubai,
  3. Property and facility management,
  4. Market intelligence gathering and feasibility studies before development
  5. Real estate transaction advisory services etc.

Our portfolio of clientele include

  1. Financial institutions i.e. Banks and Micro-Finance institutions
  2. Insurance companies,
  3. Individual and corporate investors,
  4. Developers,
  5. State corporations,
  6. Individuals Landlords,
  7. Tenants,
  8. Non-governmental organizations etc.

Our main pillars are:


Our staff will continue to handle themselves in the highest professional standards in reflection of the company’s values and strict industry practice


Our ability to deliver world class services is built upon our deep understanding real estate industry and factors influencing valuation, management and marketing decisions.


Independence is integral to Danco’s reputation as a professional service firm. Danco observes strict independence checks before accepting any work so as to ensure Danco does not compromise on integrity and objectivity.


Danco staff members do not rest until our clients are satisfied.  In simple terms, we do not smile until the client smiles. Our well designed systems ensure efficiency in delivery of results to our customers.


Our professionals are supported by advanced technology including global information systems, modern property databases and indexes.  Danco is able to make modern valuation and marketing decisions using modern analytical review methods.


Danco Limited | Registered  Valuers & Estate Agents|Suite B32, Upper Hill Gardens| Third Ngong Avenue| Upper Hill, | P.O. Box 2350 – 00100  |  NAIROBI | Tel: +254 20 235 3008| Mobile: +254 722 971 560/ +254 737 605 540 Email: info@danco.co.ke | Website: www.danco.co.ke


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