Platinum Royals

When you get an invitation to an event a few things make you want to go and at the top of the list is having fun which is kind off impossible while the sound system isn’t dope. But who is really behind making sure the micks are working, the DJ and deck are available and the music is on point without the screeching annoying noise from the amplifier? Platinum Royals got you covered in all those sectors plus more.

Back in 2008 an idea blossomed, what was an Academy for deejays became something more. Having taught most of our known and loved DJs in the country, e.g. DJ Mo and DJ Sadik just to mention a few Mr Neville their teacher found it best to grow himself and live teaching to his students who were now pros. With the urge to remain connected to music, and passion to ensure people have a good time the sounds idea came to mind and was implemented.

Though at the beginning it seemed risky, he dint let fear win. It was Go big or Go home and indeed he did. With countless challenges and emerging a winner he acknowledges it’s not the easiest of jobs. First it consumes too much of his time. Time to learn, most events take place at night hence forced to work odd hours, there is also too much competition in the business and to get your way through you have to perform better than expected.

The issue to be taken seriously was also a big deal this is because clients don’t understand the process to having good sound. From having quality speakers and amplifiers to the technicality involved plus the extra hands you need to set up can prove to be costly. Explaining this to someone who things the speakers are the sound is difficult to make them see why the charges.

The business is also too technical connecting the machines and equipment needs a master. To ensure your business grows, avoiding loss is key, with a good technical team, this is possible for chances of ruining the equipment is reduced.

Just as entrepreneurs’ advice, patience is essential in this industry too. For the money spent to establish it takes tie to recoup back before tasting the profits. This is one great challenge for the first few months doubt about your investments kicks in hard and without great support you may lose   sight of your goal.

All this came to pass and when it was time to reap his efforts dint go unnoticed.  First the company grows its self this is because most clients you get are from referrals. This reduces time to search for clientele giving you time to get ways to make their experiences worthwhile and unforgettable.

The working hours are also flexible. Due to expansion of the business delegation to employees makes work easier and distribution among them makes it even better. Also with more jobs being during the night one can also have a daytime job just to keep the income coming.

Getting paid to have fun is the correct definition of this job. Not many people can say they interact closely with celebrities during work as part of their job description. Being paid to attend events and concerts that others are paying to attend is among the top benefits of being in this industry. While others complain of their jobs you smile and dance during your, quite awesome just to think of it.

Though this industry seems just fun and hype, platinum royals dedicate some of its efforts to the community by; covering children homes events for free, providing jobs for youth and also training youths on ways to work smart by following your passion.

To the people willing to in the industry perseverance and good money management stills will pay off soon. ‘Don’t lose hope during dark times for dawn is coming-Anne Lamott.’

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