The Silent Terrorist No one knows about

Nested more than 482km from Nairobi, along the picturesque coastal Kenya is Mombasa, a county beaming with glamour. The island town is home to a culturally diverse population and a number of sun bathed sandy beaches that are frequented by tourists during the festive seasons.
8km away from the glitzy city, a dark cloud heavily weighs down on the residents of Owino Uhuru. Their source of sorrow is the construction of a Lead smelting factory. A factory that had painted a ray of hope for the poverty stricken residents.
The plant was built in 2008 after making foreseeable promises to provide jobs to the public and better the livelihood around. The move was welcomed with open arms from the residents of Owino Uhuru were in a dire need for employment and social amenities.
Oblivious to many residents, the factory was to engage in non-environment friendly procedures involving splitting of old batteries, and smelting the contents, a process experts say is akin to making nuclear weapons.
In such an environment, strict measures should be put in place to ensure the plant does not cause havoc to the residents and workers of the factory. The recommended distance is 50miles away from human habitation.
The semi- arid area dotted with rickety houses with corroded iron sheet roofs tell a sad tale of chemical contamination. From afar, a small wind blows what’s left of dead livestock and plants. The once green area has turned into an epitome of pollution.
In a once full coop the only thing left is the smell of what used to be and a few feathers to remind the farmer of the day’s birds would beaker from morning to evening.
Owino’s future is hanging by the thread as the lives of their heirs are at stake, their future on the globe is dark as there’s no telling what will happen to them. Will the government fulfil their promise and ensure proper medical attention to them or will the story continue as it as for the years before.
Visit for more on Owino Uhuru and what has become of the area and its residents.

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